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MCA-T03-2018-2019- Supply and Delivery of Beverage Items
MCA-T06-2018-2019 Provision of Conferences facilities Full & half package
MCA-T05-2018-2019- Supply and Delivery of Cleaning Materials and detergents
MCA-T01-2018-2019- Supply and Delivery of Airtime
MCA-T02-2018-2019- Supply and Delivery of Office Stationery and Toners
MCA-T08-2018-2019 Provision of General insurance services
MCA-Re12-2018-2019-Provision of Legal Services
MCA-T07-2018-2019 Provision of Group Person Accident (GPA) and Group Life Assurance (GPa) for Members and Staff of Murang’a County Assembly
MCA-T04-2018-2019- Supply and Delivery of Bottled water
MCA-Re11-2018-2019-Provision of Training and Capacity building and Consultancy services
MCA-Re10-2018-2019-Provision of Travel and Air ticketing services (IATA-KATA) Registered
MCA-Re09-2018-2019-Provision of Installation and Commissioning of Computer Softwares
MCA-Re15-2018-2019-Provision of Insurance Services i
MCA-Re16-2018-2019-Provision of Events Organizing Services,Photography Videography,Public Address Services and Hire of Tents and Chairs
MCA-Re13-2018-2019-Provision of Legislative Drafting Services
MCA-Re17-2018-2019-Provision of designing, printing services, photography videography,public address and hire of tents and chairs
MCA-Re19-2018-2019-Provision of Repairs and Maintenance and Servicing of Generators
MCA-Re21-2018-2019-Provision of Internet and Maintenance of the Website
MCA-Re18-2018-2019-Provision of Repairs, Maintenance and Servicing of Vehicles
MCA-Re14-2018-2019-Provision of Architectural and Quantitative Survey and Landscaping Services
MCA-Re20-2018-2019-Provision of Maintenance Services for Office Equipment (Photocopiers, Computers, Laptops, Printers, UPS, & PABX)
MCA-Re22-2018-2019-Provision of Assets Tagging and Tracking Services
MCA-Re23-2018-2019-Provision for Repairs & Maintenance of Office Furniture and Fittings
MCA-Re26-2018-2019-Provision of Construction and Maintenance of Building Works
MCA-Re24-2018-2019-Provision of Media services
MCA-Re28-2018-2019-Supply and Delivery of Staff Uniform, Shoes and Protective Clothing
MCA-Re25-2018-2019-Provision of Property Valuation Services
MCA-Re29-2018-2019-Supply and delivery of Computers, Printers, UPS, Laptops, LCD projectors, Servers, Fax, Photocopiers, and ICT equipment
MCA-Re27-2018-2019- Supply and Delivery of Newspapers and Magazines
MCA-Re30-2018-2019-Supply and Delivery of Office Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings
MCA-Re31-2018-2019-Supply and Delivery of Hardware materials ,Electrical and Electronic material and Plumbing items
MCA-Re32-2018-2019- Supply and Delivery of Motor vehicle tyres
MCA-Re34-2018-2019-Supply and Delivery, Repair and Maintenance of Hansard equipment
MCA-Re33-2018-2019-Supply and Delivery and Installation and Servicing of Fire Fighting Equipment
MCA-Re37-2018-2019- Provision of Dry Cleaning Services
MCA-Re35-2018-2019- Supply and Delivery of Cutlery
MCA-Re36-2018-2019- Supply and Delivery of Foodstuff
Published on 5/9/2018
Closing on 21/9/2018
Category Multiple
Sector Public
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